Our Services

- Group walks will not exceed 6 dogs

- All dogs must be fully up to date with vaccinations

- Dogs must be socialised

- A home visit will be made to ensure compatibility

Dog Walking

I always try to take the dogs to a fairly quiet area on their walks, so they can be let off to run around and basically be a dog and have lots of fun. However, the dogs can be kept on a lead if requested. I have access to some lovely walks and parks in Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Bonnybridge area.


Current favourite walks are Croy Hill, Bar Hill and Cumbernauld Community Park, I can pick up and drop off as required.


Walks are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour, and can be either on or off lead with the option for individual or group walks with up to six dogs.


- Group walks are £10 per walk


- Individual walks are £12 per walk


- Individual walks for up to 3 or 4 hours available on request.


Please get in touch for availability or to discuss requirements.

Pet Visits

Puppy & Elderly Dog Visits

We can look after your puppy or elderly dog whilst you are not there, be it for companionship, medication, feeding and toileting, or a short walk.

Cat Sitting & Cat Visits

For clients that want to leave their cats at home in their own environment, with familiar comforts and smells, particularly with elderly cats and cats that need medication. Our cat sitting service allows clients to go away safe in the knowledge that their cats will be fed, litter trays cleaned and lots of TLC.

Prices dependent on requirements -

Dog Training & Boarding

We work closely with the premier dog training and boarding service in North Lanarkshire - Paws and Pups - who provide a variety of training or one to one behavioural sessions, as below:-


1-1 sessions usually last around 2.5 - 3 hours, includes a full analysis of your dog from food, exercise and behaviour and also of how you interact and train your dog at present. This allows a good picture of the situation and issues you are facing. These sessions vary in cost depending on location and issues, the first session is an assessment and training session. Thereafter, if required we guide you either into a class or continue with 1-1 training until you are confident in your abilities as a handler. The follow up 1-1's vary in length and price but the most commonly are half hour sessions. These would be carried out at the training centre or in your local park and there would obviously be assistant dog and handler there to allow us to set up training scenarios to resolve your specific issues if required.


We will also be offering Fun Agility Sessions once the training centre is up and running and are taking enquiries now for future classes.


Once opened we will be offering an array of classes running throughout the day to accommodate our busy lifestyles as it’s not always possible to get to an evening or weekend class.


We also aim to provide Counter Conditioning for dogs with issues with inanimate objects. Vacuums, hair dryers and coffee grinders are a few examples. As well as dogs who have issues with prams, bikes and hi-visibility clothing. For full info please visit our friends at: - Paws and Pups




We work closely with the premier boarding and dog training service in North Lanarkshire - Paws and Pups - who provide a variety of services. They recently opened a new training/agility centre and brand new ultra thermal kennels. For full info please visit our friends at Paws and Pups



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